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Action Adventure Camp

Swordplay's summer camps are a superb option for parents looking for sports day camps. Select a camp from below for more details. Swordplay day camp programs are offered at many locations in the greater Los Angeles area. Please see the calendar below for information on where to find us this summer!**

All members of the Swordplay staff, party staff, school enrichment and camp staff, have gone through a thorough background check and are LIVE SCAN certified.

To secure your spot in any of our camps:

1. Register one of the following ways:

  1. Fill out our online registration forms located below our schedule.
  2. Contact a camp coordinator directly. For information and booking, please call 818-903-0200 or email at campenrich@swordplayla.com.

2. Pay the camp deposit one of the following ways:

  1. Over the phone (818-903-0200)
  2. Online PayPal (located on the class schedule)
  3. Drop a check off at our Burbank location (416 S. Victory Blvd., Burbank, CA)

**Programs and costs vary by location. Please contact affiliates for their pricing and hours.

2019 Summer Camp Schedule


Week Theme Room
June 10-14 Jedi Academy Camp A
June 10-14 Fencing Camp B
June 17-21 Jedi or Harry Potter Camp A
June 24-28 Fencing Camp B
July 8-12 Harry Potter Wizard Camp A
July 15-19 Power Ranger or Jedi Camp A
July 15-19 Fencing Camp B
July 22-26 Jedi Academy Camp A
July 29 - Aug 2 Power Ranger or Jedi Camp A
Aug 5-9 Harry Potter Wizard Camp A
Aug 12-16 Jedi Academy Camp A
Aug 12-16 Fencing Camp B
Aug 19-23 TBD by demand  


fencing camp

FENCING CAMP - (Ages 7 & up)
Strike your en garde and join us for a awesome week of fencing. Whether your child is just beginning and wants to learn or are they are wanting to hone their dueling skills during the summer, our camp fits all levels of fencers. With a combination of games and drills, your child will learn more about this elegant sport and have a great time doing it.

Jedi camp

Feel the force with our action packed Jedi Training Camp. Your padawan will train in the ways of of the Force learning focus, agility, concentration, and pre-fencing lightsaber technique just to name a few. Each camp ends with a presentation where your padawan shows off their skills and is presented with their Jedi Class Belt.

Harry Potter camp

Learn all of the magic of the wizarding world at our Hogwarts Annex. Familiar characters from the books & films teach classes in Quiditch, Potions, Spell Casting and more. A combination of physical activities as well as fun craft and science projects make this camp a unique experience for those who believe in magic. Camp ends with a Graduation Ceremony as well as a Spell Casting Demonstration.

Ninjago camp

NINJAGO CAMP - (Ages 4-9)
The Ninjago art of Spinjitsu is taught by our amazing Ninja instructors - with a combination of ninja games and activities the focus is on fun and not fighting- learning ninja poses, stealth, concentration and teamwork. Camp ends with a presentation of their Spinjitsu technique as well as their Nijago Class Belt.

Superhero camp

Every hero needs to start somewhere. Our Superhero Training camp teaches your young one all the ways to become their own Superhero by designing their own costume, creating their own super powers, and learning to always do the right thing. Our Superhero Experts guide your heroes through different drills and games all leading up to the final presentation of their character and demonstration of their powers. Expect special appearances from real heros throughout the week (including Batman, Spider-Man and more).

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What is Action Adventure Camps?
Swordplay’s Action Adventure Camps are a fun and unique way to explore your imagination while learning the basic techniques of sword dueling. 

What time do your camps take place?
All of our 6 hour long camps run from 9am to 3pm. All of our 4 hour long camps run from 9am to 1pm. There will be an instructor at the studio at 8:45 to drop off and all younglings will need to be picked up no later than 3:15. If you are running late please call to let us know.

Do you provide lunch?
We do! All of our 6 hour long camps will have Subways kid fit lunch! We do not provide lunch for our 4 hour long camps. Feel free to bring as many snacks and drinks as your heart desires. The studio does provide water.

How trained are your instructors?
Every one of our instructors are trained sword fighters and fencers and work with Tim Weske personally. They are also extremely well trained in how to manage a classroom. All instructors have been through a thorough screening process and have passed a background check.

What is the cost of your camps?
Camps vary in cost depending on what camp you are attending.

How much experience does my child need?
None, zero, nada!! The great thing about our camps is you can join with no experience, and you can join if you are an Olympic style fencer (or jedi). Our instructors will challenge your child based of their own abilities and no one is ever left behind.

What is the age requirement for your camps?
Our recommended ages for our specialty camps are 4 to 9. We do know that all children are different and you know your child better than anyone, so we do take your opinion in consideration. We do require that children be at least 7 for fencing (due to the size of the equipment and weapons).

Where do your camps take place?
All of our camps take place at our fencing studio in Burbank at 416 South Victory Blvd. BUT, we also do camps on location -- from Malibu to Culver City to Pasadena over to San Marino. If you want to get a camp started, but don’t want to travel to the studio, let us know, and we can come to you!


For information on camp times dates and locations, for a camp at you location, or for an after school enrichment program at you school, please contact us.

Two locations:

Swordplay: 416 S. Victory Blvd., Burbank, CA

Granada Pavilion: 11128 Balboa Blvd., Granada Hills, CA