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Los Angeles' Best Action Packed Camps!

Swordplay LA has been bringing Los Angeles amazing action camps and after school programs for over 25 years!

Our programs are all structured to get the kids learning, and having fun doing it. When in a setting that children truly enjoy, they are more likely to learn skills like discipline, focus, concentration, control and communication with others, just to name a few.'

We have brought life time memories to thousands of children over the years! Parents often say, "This is so cool, why couldn't I have had this when I was a kid?" Well...it's because we didn't invent it yet!

Jedi Academy


Harry Potter Summer Camp

Shakespeare combat training

Adventure Camp

Our camps are held at both of our studios as well as on location at your camp site! We have many different camp themes to choose from. Jedi, Fencing, Harry Potter just to name a few. We can set up the perfect camp scenario for your camp group.

Closing out our first week of Jedi Camp

fencing summer camp

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Our classes are held all over the greater Los Angeles area and can be held at YOUR SCHOOL! If you have a hard time getting to a studio or just want to save a trip, our after school classes are a perfect way to get in your child's training and make it work for your schedule!

Multiple program themes to choose from:

fencing program


Jedi summer camp

Jedi Light Saber Class

Shakespeare combat training

Swordplay for Shakespeare

Harry Potter camp

Creating education in a fun way.

Many different themes are brought to your school. We encourage good behavior, for example, "did you know that Super Heros all make their beds?" Did you know the force is stronger in you if you do all your homework?" Also getting the parents involved in a fun family way. There is a reason our programs are #1.

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Feel the force with our exciting and fun pre fencing class. Swordplay is leading the way in new ways for your child to strenghthen their skills. With the Jedi Light Saber Academy, your Jedi Master will teach your Youngling to value, hard work, dedication, and discipline. All Younglings will receive a Jedi Journal every week to keep them on the Jedi Path. The Jedi Journal focuses on being respectful to their elders, doing their chores, and treating everyone with kindness even outside of the Jedi Academy. As well as strengthening their character, we will also be teaching your Youngling in the art of fencing. All of our Jedi Masters are trained fencers. Your child will wield their Light Saber with style and duel with respect.

Light Saber Class
Years Experience
Students Trained

All members of the Swordplay staff, party staff, school enrichment and camp staff, have gone through a thorough background check and are LIVE SCAN certified. For more information on bringing one of our programs to you call us at (818) 903-0200.


Live Action Entertainment

Give your child the ultimate birthday party experience by hiring their favorite action hero character to celebrate their big day with them. Our goal is to make it a day your child will remember for years to come. We’ll keep the kids engaged, entertained and having fun, while you sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

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For information on camp times dates and locations, for a camp at you location, or for an after school enrichment program at you school, please contact us.


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